Why Do I Drool When Sleep?

Drooling is a common thing that happened when you are sleeping, but there are many people that wonder, why do I drool when I sleep? Especially, when you are drooling so much, you might be wondering the cause that make you drool that much. Here are a simple explanation about it.

The cause of drooling

According to some study, the drooling is caused by the mistakes made by our swallowing mechanism, resulting in excess amount of saliva in our mouth. A neurological problem could made a person suffer from drooling too much, because the brain cannot control the amount of saliva and mouth capability to hold liquid. Naturally, human will swallow their spit when sleeping. Some people will have drooling problem even though they have normal and healthy condition. There could be a problem in your nasal cavity, because the nasal cavity problem will make you breathe from mouth instead of nose.

How to cure drooling

The common thing to do in solving drooling during is to try sleep with your back on the bed, rather than the side of your body. By doing this, the saliva in your mouth will automatically swollen by your body mechanism. If the drooling is already in bad state, there are some options to take such as doing botox injection in your nose to prevent liquid runs through your nose, or completely remove the sativa gland in your mouth because the gland is already damaged or in bad condition.

So, drooling is a common thing happened to us. But, for some people, drooling could be a big problem because they have a damaged organs or bad mechanism so they need more medical attention. Drooling could be avoided by simply sleep with your back, don’t turn to any side to decrease the chance of drooling. Why do I drool when sleep? It is because you have a bad mouth mechanism or damaged organs.

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