What Is The National Sleep Foundation?

A lot of people are wondering, what is the national sleep foundation? What kind of organization is that? Here, I will give you a brief explanation about it.

The National Sleep Foundation

The organization was founded in 1990 as an U.S non-profit organization that focuses on helping people’s sleep habit and disorders. They do a lot of research about sleeping habit and how it can affect your overall condition. At first, the organization was a non-profit and only do research, but now, they have a lot of academic journals with sleep as the main topic and they also sell their own products such as sleep diary, story book, etc. Basically, they sold things that will help a person to have a better sleeping habit. The products weren’t made by themselves, but there are some companies who work with the organization and they sold their products under the name of the organization.

Mission and Goals

            The main mission of the organization is to improve the overall health of human through sleep education and advocacy. The organization helps people to think more about their sleep habit, because there are some sleep disorders that would risk someone to have further risk in having chronic disease. They believed that sleep is a vital sign of health so they keep helping people in terms of sleeping. They also wanted to ensure that common places such as school, workplace, and home should be sleep-friendly to everybody. The sleep science, in the future, would be rapidly incorporated into products and services, according to the organization.

Basically, this organization is an instance that works in research and helping people to enhance their sleeping habit to be better and raise the overall health condition of every human. Those are the answer for you who still wonder, what is the national sleep foundation.

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