Mystery Of Sleep Paralysis

Almost everyone in the world have experienced about disturbances during sleep namely sleep paralysis. Everyone asked each other what the cause of that phenomenon. Sleep paralysis is a condition where humans sleep in between sleep and waking. Usually, the condition is characterized by impaired breathing, component of body that are difficult to be moved, or even difficult to shout. Some speculate that it is an act of ghosts to rest so that a disturbance in breathing which then arises the feeling to death spread throughout the body. So, is it the fact thing? Can you die from sleep paralysis?

Sleep paralysis in not an indicator of death but it is a natural phenomenon in the activity of human sleep. The doctors told medically that this is not a disease but a sleep disorder and did not cause death. Therefore, do not be too scared. Usually, the disruption of sleep only occurs in a few minutes and it will end by itself. You should know that sleep paralysis is not the work of a ghost on someone while sleeping. It often happens because a lot of them are too tired, prolonged stress, lack of sleep in few days or even wrong in taking a pose of sleeping.

How to anticipate sleep paralysis?

Many ways that you can do to prevent sleep paralysis. Among others:

  1. Begin with a healthy lifestyle such as eating nutrition foods and set the time as optimally as possible in a day (24 hours).
  2. Avoid the habit of staying up late at night because it would lead to a shortage serving up the next day. If you have a little portion of your sleep that you must be going to feel fast tired automatically. You should to give enough portion of your sleep in scale 8-10hours a day.
  3. You should try to be positive thinking in every activity that you do because it would create the potential for prolonged stress.

So, are you still worried about it? Can you die from sleep paralysis? Of course, not.

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