How Many Sleeping Pills Does It Take To Die?

Sleeping pills is a bad supplement, if consumed in a hideous amount. Because of this, many people confused in how many sleeping pills does it take to die? This is important because there are some people addicted to sleeping pills. The effect of the pills will create a relaxing effect, but we know too much of pills will cause a bad effect towards your body.

Why the pills can cause death

We know that sleeping pills have a relaxing effect. It will reduce the work rate of human’s organs until they reach a certain state to make sleep easier. Because of this effect, some people misused the pill as a “stress cure” pill. They believe that sleep will reduce their stress. Although it can be true, but using too much sleeping pills can cause death. This is caused by the heavy amount of relaxing substance in the pills. The heavy amount of the substance can cause organ malfunction. Most of death case caused by sleeping usually have the victim’s heart is stop beating. So, consuming a large amount of sleeping pills in one time is not recommended since it can cause death.

The amount of pills that can cause death

There are no specific amount in consuming sleeping pills that can cause death. It depends on each person’s durability and resistance to relaxing substance inside the pills. But usually, taking 5 to 10 sleeping pills in one go will have an immediate effect to your body and one of them could make you lose your life. So, if you decided to take sleeping pills, make sure you follow the recommended amount.

For you who still confused about how many sleeping pills does it take to die, the answer is that you shouldn’t take 5 to 10 pills in one go because the amount of relaxing substance will overflow your entire body, resulting in organ malfunction so follow the instructed amount when taking sleeping pills.

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