How Do Fishes Sleep?

A common question that often come to our mind, how do fishes sleep? This question is bugging quite a lot of people in this world. Fishes live in water, so many people are confused if they can sleep in water or not. But, the fact is fishes can sleep, so here I will explain you a little about it.

How fishes sleep?

If you observe a fish in your aquarium, you will find that sometimes they will hover around doing nothing with their eyes open. If you see a fish in this state, it means that you see a sleeping fish! Yes, fishes sleep with their eyes open. This is because most of fishes don’t have any eyelids, but there are few species of fishes that have eyelids. Fishes don’t use any tools to help them sleep, so to put it simply, fishes sleep is like a daydreaming human. So, they will stay in a dormant state and do nothing, hovering around a certain place in your aquarium.

The position of sleeping fishes

I already mentioned that fishes sleep in a certain place of your aquarium such as at the bottom corner of your aquarium, or under the rocks if you have any inside your aquarium, or even they just sleep there floating around. Usually fishes will pick a safe and comfortable place in order to avoid danger from predator. The will not stay in one place because fish need to let the water keep flowing through their body, so you will probably see that they will move around but not too active, compared to their normal state.

The underline is fishes sleep with their eyes open in a safe and comfortable place. They move around when they sleep to keep the water flowing through their body. These are the answer for those who wonder, how do fishes sleep.

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