When Should Baby Start Sleeping In Crib And How To Make Your Baby Sleep In Crib

When a woman get pregnant, most of women will prepare everything for their baby. One of the most important thing to prepare is the facilities for the baby, especially the baby crib. Most of the newborn baby just start sleep in the co-slipper or the bassinet. This is the best place for baby because it is the perfect place which is the size is suitable with the tiny body of the body. Later on, your baby should move to the baby crib because the bassinet cannot accomodate the baby anymore. So, you should know when should baby start sleeping in crib.

 When Should Baby Start Sleeping in Crib

Most of the mothers will be confused when should they put their baby in the baby crib. If their baby just newly born, they have not be able to put the baby in the baby crib because the baby is still too small. So, what is the suitable age of the baby to be put in the baby crib when they are sleeping? The answer for this question is when the baby reach the age 2 years old to 4 years old. You should not put your newborn baby in the crib because your baby still needs help.

How to Make Your Baby Sleep in Crib

The most important thing that you need to do when you want your baby sleep in the crib is making him comfort with it. You need to put your bed near the crib for some days. You need to make him sleep in his own crib, do not let him sleep in your bed. The most important thing is giving him time to adapt with his new crib.

When you have a baby, you need to put him to the crib. Then, you need to know when should baby start sleeping in crib.

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